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Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Riida no Tanjoubi

[Beware of minor spelling and grammar errors. I did not reread this post] [Taken directly from my personal blog] Erm...Happy Belated Thanksgiving? xD; I'm sorta late on that haha. I spent the entire afternoon cleaning my room~ Thanksgiving dinner was like the usual :3 A delicious Turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing! All which I am thankful for ♥ Nothing beats having food on the table, a roof over the head, and a family to be together with. After the feast, I looked at my HSJ wall and decided to finally get around to removing everything and give it an Arashi makeover. The removing process was a hassle because I used tape and some of the clippings were really thin so I had to be careful not to rip it. There were a few that were already ripped because of my little cat D': But I dont mind all that much anymore since I'm all about Arashi now :3 I cant really stand Yamada's new look and ever since Ryutaro left, it just seems incomplete. Yamada looks like he's trying too hard. I miss his non eyelinered eyes, his chubby cheeks, and his cute smiles. Now his hair is too long, his eyes are ALWAYS lined with brown eyeliner, and he tries to give off a sexy vibe. It's just irritating. I felt like this even before I got into the Arashi fandom! Gah! Now I'm ranting. Okay so I removed every single picture off the wall and began to go
through all magazines I have in search for Arashi pics. Thanks to HSJ, I
have articles of Arashi from 2009 and up~♪ The latest image is probably of Ohno sleeping there atop my mirror ♥ His Kagi no Kakatta Heya outfit because he's promoting his drama in the tv magazine. It took me the whole night/morning (till 2am) to finish clipping out the pictures. I didnt ruin some articles because the other side of the page was too nice plus if I can read it one day, then i wouldnt want to waste the page. I contemplated whether or not to go to bed since I was going to wake up at 6am anyways, but I decided it was best if I got some rest at least for a little bit. Woke up at like 5am even though I planned on waking up one hour later -__- my body isnt used to sleeping early so it's thinking that I'm just taking a nap. I always get a max of 3 hours when I take a nap. Anyways, I got ready and waited for my mother to come back from checking out some stores. She came back and picked my sister and I up to go to goodwill before it opened :3 We waited in the car even though people were waiting outside lol. It was raining and standing outside in a line for goodwill seems a little too extreme. When the place opened, I saw Katrina haha. I found a few cute sweaters, shoes, and two dresses there! I also got a new pair of speakers for only 2.50! I finally have speakers for my laptop that wont stop playing when the volume is too high!! I can plug the speakers to my phone and anything else that has an earphone jack :3 I spent about $22 but saved around $21 at goodwill ♥ Then I bought a flashdrive and sd memory card because of the incredibly low price. Got home and started working on my wall~ Instead of using tape that ruins the back of the clipping and sometimes ends up tearing the page, I used thumbtacks and little bits of tape. I didnt poke holes in the clippings (though I did for the first two) because I didnt want holes in the precious pictures so I just surrounded the
pictures and connected them by thumbtacks. It was a lot more work, but
it was certainly worth it! I used tape to decide the placement and to
hold pictures in place while I find another picture that fits the
certain area. It's kinda hard to explain so here's a picture to explain
itself. I left it unfinished like in the picture for a day since I needed a break. I spent all day watching Arashi variety shows hehe. Then since today is Riida's (Ohno) birthday today, I finished the wall to commemorate~ The highest part was the hardest to work on since I had to stand on a stool and hold a bunch of pictures in my hand trying to figure out what picture fits in what area. Must I remind you that I'm afraid of heights? I never really intend for there to be this much Ohno pictures since Sakurai & Ohno both hold #1 in my heart, but I guess I had more magazines with Ohno appearing (seems reasonable since he's the Leader after all). I bought the magazine with the Ohno sleeping poster at full price because I reaaaaaaally wanted it. It was only around $5 for the magazine so it's not expensive if you compare how much I used to spend on brand new magazines because of HSJ -___-; THAT'S overpriced and expensive. I learned my lesson and only buy sale magazines now :P $2 per magazine so I go crazy and buy a bunch of magazines. My favorite area would have to be the Ohno section above my mirror :3 I made it looks like Maou Ohno's going to punch Kagi no Heya Ohno while Sho and other Kagi Heya Ohno are supporting Maou Ohno. ehe. Sounds confusing, but if you get what I'm talking about, you would like it too ♥ I'm looking at the picture now and I need to add a few pictures above Jun's picture at the very top. It's too white. I would add a few pics next to Aiba's face pic, but there's this bulge of white wall sticking out. I dunno how to explain it. I'm so proud of myself though! I got this done really nicely~ I got a bruise on my right knee from the edge of the stool though D: I have Arashi posters to hang up so I'll post about them next time :3 I'll talk about Arashi in my next post too! I would write it here but this post is long enough lol. Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving~ I know I did :D