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11 December 2020 @ 08:44 pm
Friends Only  
!! Credits are in my user info !!
!! I love meeting and making new friends, so don't be afraid to say hi :D !!
Current Mood: determined
Current Music: 小島麻由美 - hatsukoi | Scrobbled by Last.fm
shoukanshi_yuna: P&Pshoukanshi_yuna on July 19th, 2009 11:29 pm (UTC)
Hey, it's Mandy/TokiDokiHaato. This is my personal LJ so I'm adding you if that's okay :D
Aikomizakiwa on July 21st, 2009 05:38 am (UTC)
Yay >u<
Of course it's okay!
dokidokifaildokidokifail on September 1st, 2009 06:53 am (UTC)

Aiko: Smile~Chinenmizakiwa on September 1st, 2009 10:03 pm (UTC)

Cherrycherri_oro on October 16th, 2009 05:43 am (UTC)

I'm Cherry <-- real name. XD
I'm 15! And.... I LOVE HSJ TO DEATH. LOL

They are THE BOMB.

My Ichiban is Yamada Ryosuke, Niban is Chinen Yuri, and Sanban is Arioka Daiki. <3333 But I love them all. ^^

I actually found you on Youtube through another one of my recently made friends. The other Cherry. LOL though I don't know what her real name is....

But yeah, I found you on youtube first. ^^ Anyways! Add me back and we can FANGIRL TOGETHERRRR!!! <333
Aikomizakiwa on October 17th, 2009 06:30 am (UTC)
:DD Hello~

Your actual name is Cherry?! Whoa xD
I'm 15 also :D

XD Lol, I agree~

That list makes me think of Scrap Teacher xD
My #1 is Chinen and #2 is Yamada :DD

Really? xD Haha, now I'll know two Cherry's :D
:DD I know her real name isnt Cherry, lol.

m i y u k i ♪: { sho } OMGWUT?!aishizuki on May 28th, 2012 05:45 pm (UTC)
zomg hi
Hello there, I'd like to add you ;)

Was surprised to find out that you're half-Filipino though. I'm pure Pinay myself. XD Where do you live?

Well, I believe introductions are in order! :D Jina desu, 18sai. Turning nineteen at the end of May. :D I go by Miyuki these days, but I've always been called Jina in the JE fandom. Yoroshiku! ♥
Aiko: Ohno-Jacketmizakiwa on May 31st, 2012 02:20 am (UTC)
Re: zomg hi
Bahaha your avi totally matches your subject title XD

Hello! Oh sure, I would love to add you back!

Eh really?! Woot Filipino Arashian Pride lol! I love in the US though lol xD

Hi Jina! I just turned 18 this month on the 15th!! I think I said that on my other reply haha. Okay, I'll call you Jina then since Im in the JE fandom~ You can call me Aiko (my middle name) or just my username, mizakiwa. My online dubbing friends call me Airu though so uhm....just take your pick amongst these XD
raeelaniraeelani on April 17th, 2013 11:58 am (UTC)
hi there!
i was lurking to other journals and communities when i came about yours :) i'm Rae and a Filipina, i was surprised you're half filipina. it's rare for me to see Filipina Arashian so i'm adding you :)
Aiko: Ohno-Jacketmizakiwa on April 25th, 2013 06:21 am (UTC)
Thanks for being interested in my journal ^u^ ...though I dont really post much on here since I'm on tumblr half the time lol. Hello there Rae! I go by Aiko or Jeneva, take your pick haha~ Is it that rare? xD Well I cant say much since I've only met two other Filipino Arashians, three now including you~ I'll add you back!
raeelaniraeelani on April 26th, 2013 02:48 pm (UTC)
hi Aiko! :) thanks for adding back! :D
yeah, i rarely find filipino arashians here in LJ. :) that's why, im all excited when i see one :)
riechan0509riechan0509 on June 7th, 2013 07:22 am (UTC)
kon kon!
yay! another filipino fangirl!
And it's surprising that you're half pinoy, half-japanese!
Btw, I'm Rie, pure Filipino, but Japan-born geek...haha...
Aiko: Ohno-Jacketmizakiwa on October 27th, 2013 06:20 pm (UTC)
Omg I didnt notice this o_o It's nice to meet you! Hehe you're Japanese at heart :3 Hai, yoroshiku onegaishimasu! *adds back*

Sorry, I dont post in my LJ often :/ I should probably start doing so...
riechan0509riechan0509 on October 28th, 2013 12:55 pm (UTC)
Thank you for adding me back! Just happy to meet another fellow fangirl!^_^