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These incorherent feelings of mine...

15 May
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As love continues

I used to spend my free time singing covers of jpop, but now I only do so in my free time on my smule account haha. Now I spend some of my free time doing hauls on YT which can be found linked below. I hope you enjoy the hard work I've put in my videos!
Well that's one thing I mainly do, but I also spend most of my time reading manga. Lol, you should see how long my manga list goes.... xD; I also enjoy watching a ton of anime & dramas ♥~ My MAL page can be found here

One last thing, I have become an Arashian on Feb 2012~ Im currently obsessed with all of the members! I love each and every one of them, but Sho and Ohno are ranked higher hehe :3 Although Nino has been slowly overtaking Sho's spot in my heart...

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"If I ran towards happiness, I'd be trapped in the storms of spring."
-- Nanako Robin chpt.1 (manga)